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Customer Testimonials

In the modern age, we are individuals on-the-go. There are so many things to do, and so many tasks to accomplish but not enough time to get them done. Consequently, busy mothers and fathers, or parents of multiple small children would fare well to purchase the Hands-Free Bottle Holder, because let's face it, we only have two hands (and for that supermom, or dad—one chin).

And although we may attempt to juggle everything at once; holding a baby/toddler in one hand, and the handle of a vacuum cleaner, skillet, or wash cloth in the other, makes it virtually impossible to multi-task. But not anymore!!!!!

Infant Innovators has created a product that allows your baby to know the comfort of his or her favorite stuffed animal, while having the benefits of both a bottle warmer and a bottle holder. Made of 100% cotton, with Velcro on the ears, your son or daughter's Hands-Free Bottle Holder has all the potential to become his or her favorite friend, rather than yet another worthless trend. 

- Kanika Vann

Awesome product. I operate a child care center and the babies love the bunny. I also have grandchildren and the bottle warmer comes in handy while taking them on long drives. I would buy this product again.

- Deborah R. Shackelford

The product is amazing. I was able to multitask while baby sitting my grandchild. My grandchild also learned how to hold her own bottle.

- Carol Garrison

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